Mai 222019

Meet the EARLI Journal Editors at the EARLI Conference 2019

EARLI Journal Editors

Session E: 1 Meet the EARLI Journal Editors
Date: 13.8.2019
Time: 10:15 – 11:45
Room: Lecture Hall – H06
Conference Website:

EARLI Journal editors

The EARLI journal editors will introduce the EARLI journals and the EARLI book series. They will inform the audience about specific services and goals of each journal and how to select the right journal for publishing their work. Additionally, some basic guidelines for potential authors will be presented.

EARLI Journals

EARLI publishes three peer-referred journals which are all available for free readership to all members; Learning and Instruction, Educational Research Review and the newest open access journal Frontline Learning Research. Additionally, the EARLI book series, New Perspectives on Learning and Instruction is designed to communicate the high quality research on learning and instruction to a broader audience of researchers and post-graduate students in education and psychology. Earli members are fully encouraged to submit their current research on the association’s journals.

Mai 162019

International Conference on Motivation 2020

The next International Conference on Motivation 2020 will be held at TU Dresden, Germany. The chair will be Susanne Narciss.

The ICM 2020 will be held from Thursday 3.9. untill Sunday 6.9.2020, preceded by the Summer School. The conference has one overlapping day with the conference of SIG16 (Metacognition), held from Sunday 6.9. – Tuesday 8.9.2020.

ICM 2020: 3. – 6. September 2020
Summer School 2020: 31. August – 2. September 2020
SIG 16 (Metacognition): 6. – 8. September 2020
Place: University of Dresden
Programm: to be anounced
Website: to be anounced
Registration: to be anounced

Jul 262018

The 18th Biennial European Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI 2019) will be hosted by the RWTH Aachen University from August 12th until August 16th 2019.

EARLI 2019

The theme of the conference is Thinking Tomorrow’s Education: Learning from the past, in the present, and for the future. In times of constant changes, the future is a moving target – difficult to predict and prepare for. Yet, education is doing just that. At the 18th Biennial EARLI Conference and the accompanying 23rd Conference of the Junior Researchers of EARLI, researchers in learning and instruction from all over the world come together to discuss current research findings. In order to think tomorrow’s education and education research, it is crucial to relate new findings to what we already know and to elaborate how this will help foster sustainable learning processes and navigating what is yet to come.

Submissions open: 1. September 2018
Submissions Deadline: 30. October 2018
Early Bird Deadline: 3. April 2019
Call for Submissions: PDF

All information about the upcoming EARLI 2019 conference can be found at

Jul 062018

dgps kongress

Der 51. DGPS Kongress wird vom 15. – 20. September in Frankfurt am Main stattfinden.
Eine ermäßigte Teilnahme (Early Bird) ist bis zum 10. Juli 23:59 möglich.

DGPS Kongress 201815th – 20th September 2018
Programm: Online Programm
Website der Konferenz:

Das Symposium “Motivation und Emotionen im Bildungskontext: Bedingungen und Interventionen” findet am 20. September 2018 um 16:00 Uhr in Hörsaal HZ 15 auf dem DGPS Kongress 2018 statt.

Jul 042018
SIG 27 Biennial Conference

Warsaw (from

SIG 27 Biennial Conference: Earli Bird Registration ends End of May

The next SIG 27 Biennial Conference will be held at University of Warsaw, Institute of Applied Linguistics, Poland. The Conference will jointly organized with the 6th Polish Eye Tracking Conference. But of course all other Online Measures covered in SIG 27 are also welcome.

Conference Dates: 15th – 17th June 2018 (Friday morning to Sunday afternoon)
Earli Bird Registration:until End of May 2018
Find the Congress Programme here
Conference Website:
SIG 27 Biennial Conference
Conference Contact: or tel: +48 22 662 15 30,
SIG 27 – Online measures of learning processes

Jul 022018
International Conference on Motivation 2018

ICM 2018

The next International Conference on Motivation 2018 will be held at Aarhus University, Danish School of Education, Denmark. The chair will be Niels Bonderup Dohn

Summer school: 12th – 14th August 2018 (Sunday – Tuesday)
ICM: 15th – 17th August 2018 (Wednesday – Friday)
Preliminary Program HTML PDF
Conference Website:
Registration Open:
SIG 8 – Motivation & Emotion:
Submission Instructions can be found here

Jun 112018

EARLI SIG Conference Calendar 2018

The EARLI conference calendar for the meetings of the Special Interest Groups (SIG) of EARLI is online!

The European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) is an international networking organisation for junior and senior researchers in education. EARLI has 27 Special Interest Groups representing researchers who study one or more parts and/or aspects of the field of Learning and Instruction.

Find all EARLI SIG Connferences at One Glance here
Find EARLI Flyer on SIG Conferences here

Mär 172018

Die nächste Fachtagung Psychologiedidaktik und Evaluation 2018 findet vom 11. – 12 Mai in Berlin statt.

Fachtagung Psychologiedidaktik und Evaluation 2018

Die Fachtagung soll vor allem ein wissenschaftlicher Erfahrungsaustausch zum Pschychologieunterricht sein und wird von der von der Sektion Aus-, Fort- und Weiterbildung in Psychologie (AFW) im Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen (BDP) organisiert.

Seit 1993 werden von der Sektion Aus-, Fort- und Weiterbildung in Psychologie (AFW) im Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen (BDP) Tagungen zum Erfahrungsaustausch über Konzepte, Organisation, Durchführung und Evaluation von Psychologieunterricht in allen Tätigkeitsfeldern organisiert.

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Dez 192017
JURE Conference 2018

Belgium Harbor Antwerp Office Havenhuis Building –

The next JURE Conference 2018 will be held at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. JURE are the JUnior REsearcher (JURE) of the European Association for Learning and Instruction (EARLI).

The theme of the JURE Conference 2018 is “Learning and instruction with an impact – scaling up the skill, will and thrill of learning”. The conference presentations, workshops and keynotes will showcase the newest findings about the cognitive, motivational and emotional aspects of learning and highlight the practical implications for practice and policy.

JURE Conference 2018 Dates:

Conference: 02 – 06 July 2018
Submission NEW Second Roound Deadline (Expanded): 15.04.2018
Registration Open: 01.02.2018
Early Bird Deadline: 03.05.2018

JURE Conference 2018

JURE Conference 2018 Contact:

Conference Contact:
Twitter: #2018
JURE Website:
JURE 2018 Flyer can be found here