Sep 022019

Hurricane Dorian crawls slowly but with unmatchted power …

Climate activists have predicted this for a long time, starting in the early eighties, that the average temperature would rise. But they were wrong. It turns out that climate change will faster progress than predicted in the eighties.
One of the very obvious results of climate change is the rising surface level temperature of tropic oceans. This may not automatically result in more hurricanes because of the complex weather dynamics. But there is an association proved by the observed rise of the Power Disspation index within the last years.
So Dorian is very probable also a result of climate change.
hurricane dorian crawls slowly

I think the inhabitants of the Bahamas will suffer greatly, because the eye of the hurricane Dorian is moving very slowly. Sadly it will bring very strong winds and a lot of rainfall to the Bahamas in the next two days.
Projected track of Dorian:
Satellite image of Dorian:
Weather forecast for the Bahamas:

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