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The next EARLI SIG 6-7 Meeting “Instructional Design and Technology for 21st Century Learning: Challenges, Solutions und Future Directions” will be held at the DIE (German Institute for Adult Education) August 22th – 24th in Bonn.

EARLI SIG 6-7 Meeting


EARLI SIG 6-7 Meeting: 22th – 24th August 2018
Conference Website: https://earli.org/SIG6-7

In the 21st century, learning and instruction are becoming increasingly learner-centered. This is reflected by a rise in adaptive and personalized instruction, an emphasis on learner-initiated generative learning strategies, and an increased focus on self-regulated learning skills and learner motivation. Challenges in 21st century learning include the development of data and information literacy, issues of privacy and data security, and effects of globalization, digitalization, and migration on formal, non-formal, and informal learning. During the meeting, state of the art research within the field of learning and instruction will be presented, with special attention to technological advancements within this field. How are the trends and challenges listed above reflected in research on (technology-enhanced) learning and instruction? What are the challenges that we are facing, and what are possible solutions? What future directions are relevant in research on (technology-enhanced) instructional design?

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