Nov 022019

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SIG 27 Conference 2020 at University of Antwerp (Belgium)

Belgium Harbor Antwerp Office Havenhuis Building

The next SIG 27 Conference 2020 will be held at University of Antwerp (Belgium)

The theme of the SIG 27 Conference 2020 will be “Sharpening the facets of online measures: Research at the cutting edge.” The scientists that like to discuss Online Measures of Learning Processes will meet in Antwerp. They will investigate the course of learning processes with new and multi modal methods like eye-tracking, brain-imaging methods, psychophysiological measures such as EDA and heart rate variability, video data, log data and observational data. And they will track these different measure on multiple chanels for better understanding of learning processes.

The conference will be jointly organized by the SIG 27 and University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Conference Dates: 19 to 21 August, 2020
Deadline for Proposals: January 31st direct link to submission
Earli Bird Registration: to be anounced
Congress Programme: to be anounced
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