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SIG1 & SIG4 Joint Conference 2020 will be held at Universidad de Cádiz, Spain 22. – 25. 6. 2020

SIG1 & SIG4 Joint Conference 2020

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

By bringing together two long-standing EARLI special interest groups SIG 1 “Assessment and Evaluation” and SIG 4 “Higher Education”, the “Joint SIG1 & SIG4 Conference 2020” provides an opportunity to initiate, foster and consolidate synergies and collaborations in research areas present in both communities.

The two communities represent a variety of research interests:

SIG 1 Assessment and Evaluation: Research with a thematic focus on classroom assessment, largescale assessment and program evaluation at all levels of education (from kindergarten to higher education).
SIG 4 Higher Education: Research with a contextual focus on higher education that covers various themes related to learning and instruction as well as academic development.

SIG1 & SIG4 Joint Conference 2020: 3. – 6. September 2020
Location:Universidad de Cádiz, Spain
Organizers:SIGs) SIG 1 (Assessment and Evaluation) and SIG 4 (Higher Education)
Call for Proposals: PDF
Deadline for proposal submission: January 12th
Registration Opening: December 4th
Programm: to be anounced

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