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Research Interests:

  • Towards a unifying theory of learning and action: cognitive, affective and motivational regulation of learning and action
  • Tracking of for neurophysiological indicators for motivational processes
  • E-Learning & Formative Assessment: using technology for assessing diagnostic information in processes of learning and instruction
  • Using mixed distribution models for measuring competencies
  • Evaluation and quality management in schools, universities and vocational schools
  • Test engagement

Current Research Projects:

  • SensoMot – Sensor Measures of Motivation for Adaptive Learning (project description)
  • Learning Motivation and Time Investment at University
  • LeMoLeDi – Learning Motivation with Learning Diaries (project description)

New research projekt started: Sensor Measures of Motivation for Adaptive Learning (SensoMot)

Forschungsprojekt SensoMot

Motivation is one major factor for facilitating deep learning processes. The goal of the research project „SensoMot“ is to predict critical motivational conditions using sensor measures. By deriving adaptive mechanisms, the learning process can subsequently be tailored to the motivational needs of the learner (project description).


You will find an overview of Prof. Dr. Thomas Martens acquired third-party funds for research and development projects here.

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